Thursday, May 23, 2013

May disappearance

Hey I disappeared for a while because I have nothing to write about but I found some stuff so I am back lets keep going 

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Stacey O said...

I, for one, am quite glad that you have found things to write about. Things to write about = things to tell jokes about and I think we all need more of your jokes. Yes, I said NEED!

I caught your Comedy Now special by chance on the weekend - I laughed so hard and so loud that I woke up my husband from a drunken slumber (this is impressive) and frightened my cat (she left the couch to get away from me and my noisy shenanigans). The next day I looked that special up on YouTube so my husband could watch and understand my extreme amusement. It's still REALLY funny even the 2nd time around even if you watch it within 24 hours of seeing it the 1st time! And more importantly, it's still just as funny when I'm sober so kudos!

We both thought you were brilliant so thank you for the laughter. I love to laugh like that and would very much like do it again. Come back to London, Ontario soon, k?

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