Saturday, July 20, 2013


Okay so some how I have been living in England for a year. Which means I am a scant 7 days from turning up in the Edinburgh festival. I first heard about this festival as a fat theatre student. It was described to me as "a theatre festival in Scotland but comedians do theatre". A drank man told me about it hence the vague description that did in fact interest me because well I do not know why it interested me but it did. Last year I turned up with an hour of jokes and did the free festival it was hard...I mean hard. I cracked the third day and caused the audience to walk out (it was 14 people in a room of like 60 but it still hurt). From that I cried and learned how to hold the audience. I was vastly unprepared to be there I did know how to right a show that could conceptually swim in that environment but I did learn how to jam some theme and get some positive reviews and slowly but surely over 27 days I vividly remember shaping something I could be proud of. 

It was an amazing introduction to the festival and I am excited to go back. I do not know what it will be like but I think you all will like it. 

Full disclosure: blog written while feeling sappy and jittery from coffee in Oxford 

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