Saturday, May 18, 2013

May #17

Alright London you sold me. This update was held WITH PURPOSE HENCE it technically coming kinda in the day after. I originally wanted to discuss the stress of doubling up on gigs. The anger of running around through the various trains and the prayer that nothing is delayed forcing the host to extend through your set he/she being capable of covering the time but the heat has cooled because the strong jokes have long been said because the host planned on doing 45 minutes not 74.5 minute of comedy because ole johnny pale face got on a train that has become a house for some reason. 

That being said we are not getting into the knitty gritty of me staring at a departures screen we are going discuss the fact that two cool people struck up a conversation with this kid on a subway platform.  She is a singer he a tv sound fella. We chatted and then parted ways. It was bizarre but in a good way like cheese on peanut butter or tossing a salad sans sauce (google it). It was just people saying hello on this spinning world we call in the world (way to go hastings on that sentence you ass). I have no idea why this moment struck me but it was nice because well I do not know why. I was able to give them some flyers for my twitter and promote my Brighton fringe appearance (may 30-june2 at the temple) 

All that way for a plug. 

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